Words Unspoken

To the clients I see in my office everyday to try to bridge the gap between you. Everyday I reflect that if only so many words did not remain unspoken there would be so much less suffering. Here are the words that remain unspoken between couples and between parents and children every single minute of […]

Remembering Dr. Sue Johnson

This week my colleagues, couples therapists around the globe, are mourning the loss of an extremely special woman, Sue Johnson. For those who don’t know, Sue Johnson founded emotionally focused couples therapy (EFT), an approach to therapy that transforms the dynamic of the couple. Her life’s work impacted me in so many ways: the way […]

Why Premarital Education Is for Everyone — Jewish Link

By Penina Flug LCSW  Rachel and Steven got married a few years ago in a beautiful reception on Long Island. They had been introduced by mutual friends and dated for six months. During their engagement, there were some concerns, but after speaking to confidants, they were reassured that it is totally normal to have cold […]