Top 10 Ways to Improve Communication

  1. Write down specific details of what you love, value and appreciate about each other and share with your partner.
  2. Create rituals for yourself as a couple. Research suggests rituals are the glue that keeps families together. Daily rituals keep us strong and keep us together during difficult times. This is because we always know we can count on our rituals
  3. Before leaving in the morning, find out one interesting thing that your partner anticipates happening that day.
  4. At the end of the day, Engage in a 10-minute Stress Reducing Conversation: Each partner takes 10 minutes to talk about their day.
  5. Reach for your partner regularly.
  6. Schedule a weekly date and put it on the calendar.
  7. Nurture and prioritize your relationship. As much as you prioritize being a good parent, be a good spouse.
  8. Touch is a critical factor in bonding. Greater frequency of cuddling is associated with relationship satisfaction