Warmth, empathy and acceptance.

My goal is to help you reduce conflict and enjoy more secure relationships.

Licensed in FL, MD & NY.

Night and weekend hours available!

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

EFT, an experiential therapy based on creating moments of connection between partners, has been shown to be effective in helping three out of four couples recover from significant distress.


Emotionally Focused Therapy can be used to help families improve the parent-adult child relationships. When the family members live in different states, I use technology to include them in the sessions.

Individual Therapy

Are you hoping to strengthen your bond with your spouse or loved one? Are you ready to tackle the obstacles that are preventing you from feeling joy? I want to help you make those connections and deal better with life’s challenges

EFT Couples Therapy Intensive

Restore your Relationship — Getaway & Restore your Bond!

New night and weekend couples zoom workshops starting in DECEMBER

What I Can Help With:

Repairing Connections with Loved Ones

Strengthening Bonds with Your Partner

Restoring Love and Passion

Adjusting to Life Transitions

"Empathy allows us to re-perceive our world in a new way and move forward."

— Marshall Rosenberg

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What people are saying about Penina!

Get to know what patients, colleagues and professionals have to say about Penina.

Dr. Debi Gilmore LMFT CEFT -

Penina is a remarkable and gifted professional, and she is a delight to collaborate with. It is a pleasure to have her on our team as a talented and seasoned Building A Lasting Connection™ (BLC) Facilitator and Trainer. She has an amazing ability to educate and inspire couples in her workshops as they learn the skills necessary for greater joy in their marriage. I highly recommend her Lasting Connection™ workshops and am so excited to enthusiastically endorse her offerings.

Ilana Brown -

Penina was an excellent trainer for the Building a Lasting Connection course. She was able to explain and model the course material extremely well and had patience for the many questions asked. She has also offered to be available for any future support needed as well. The team work of Dr. Gilmore, Dr. Jorgenson and Penina Flug made the course interesting and a wonderful and highly educational experience. I fully recommend the course for other therapists and community workers.

Barbara Winter PHD FAACS CSAT CGP PA -

Penina is passionate and enthusiastic about her work and stays committed to training in her field. She has expertises in relationships and is a go to person for couples therapy. i have known Penina for many years and we have shared cases together; she is astute and always on top of the process!

Dr. Levenson -

I have been referring patients to Penina for many years. The feedback I have received is that she is very attentive, insightful, quickly gets to the root of the problem and addresses it. She offers coping skills which have helped many of my referrals.

Dr. Leor Skoczylas -

Excellent therapist, refer to her almost exclusively. The patients have overwhelming positive feedback. She is very honest, very supportive, and professional.

R.S. -

Dr. Flug is an excellent marriage therapist who helps couples during or even before they get married establish lines of open communication and healthy attachment. As a Rabbi I recommend all couples learn the skills and traits of a happy marriage from Dr. Flug to succeed in building a happy and lasting marriage and home.

Dr. Meyer Cohen -

I have been a referring physician to Penina Flug for more than 10 years. She continuously delivers excellent care to my patients. She is caring, compassionate and focused on problem solving . I highly recommend her!